License Comparison

Go Integrator Lite

Go Integrator Lite is a lower cost version of Go Integrator DB supporting all the main features of Go Integrator DB. It includes desktop call control, presence, messaging, dialing, integration with Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Contacts but excludes integration to the many CRM and database systems supported by Go Integrator DB.

Other powerful features include:

  • Address Book
  • Local call logs
  • Web page dialling
  • TAPI Dialling
  • Screen Popping
  • Call Control
  • Real-time Presence

Go Integrator DB

Go Integrator DB provides integration to many popular CRM applications. See the list at this link for a comparison: click here Also, a full list of supported applications can be found on the Integration page. Other databases can be supported on a custom basis. Please contact us for further details.