Go Integrator DB

With Go Integrator DB for Broadworks, every employee's productivity can be increased. For instance, the caller's phone number and other relevant data can be shown on screen before the call is answered. Telephone numbers for contacts can also be searched and dialled directly from within the CRM application. Go Integrator DB is a desktop based Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) product designed to help you get the most out of your hosted business telephone system.

  • Searching contacts stored in many supported CRMs and databases while your phone is ringing so you know who is calling before you answer the phone
  • Allows you to answer, hang up, transfer or place a call on hold with the click of your mouse
  • Supports "click to dial" from web pages, and many supported CRMs and databases
  • You can also simply copy a number to the clipboard and dial it quickly
  • Enables you to concurrently search many supported CRMs and the built in Shared Address Book and click to dial from the results
  • Provides local call logs, enabling you to view previous calls (including missed calls) and return the call easily
  • Provides presence information, allowing you to see if your colleagues are on the phone before you transfer a call to them.