Go Wallboard

Go Wallboard

Go Wallboard is a lightweight, easy to install and cost effective ACD Wallboard for the Broadworks Call Center solution for use on a PC.

Go Wallboard is a separate client application within the Go Integrator product suite that displays live statistics of a Broadworks Call Center. It makes a direct connection to the Broadworks server using the XSI protocol over HTTP/S. No server is required at either the customer site or in the cloud. The statistics displayed are a mixture of statistics from the Broadworks server and those calculated by the application itself.

A single browser connection can also be made to the host PC, mirroring the information of the currently active wallboard. This is designed to enable remote viewing of Wallboard statistics from any browser enabled device.

Statistics are available by queue and agent, for example:

Queue level statistics

Agents Available: Number of agents available to take a call.

Average Queue Time: Average time a call was ringing before it was picked up.

Average Talk Time: Average time an agent spent on a call (excluding ring time).

Abandoned Average Wait: Average time a call was ringing before it was abandoned.

Answered Average Wait: Average time a call was ringing before it was abandoned.

Abandoned Calls: Calculate percentage of abandoned calls based on total number of calls.

Answered Calls: Total number of answered calls.

Calls in Queue: Displays current number of calls waiting.

Abandoned Calls: Displays number of abandoned calls.

Busy Agents: Number of busy agents, agents that are currently on a call.

Longest Wait: Longest caller wait time.

Agent level statistics

Agent name: Name of agent in queue.

Agent Status: Available, On Call, Unavailable, Signed Out, Signed In, Wrap Up.

ACD Calls: Total inbound queue calls received by agent.

Outbound: Total outbound calls made by agent (includes internal calls).

Average ACD Call Time: Average time of calls by agent (excluding ring time).

Average Wrapup: Average time spent in wrap up status by agent.

Go Wallboard