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Version 2.5 or later Licensing Changes


Version 2.5 or later of Go Integrator uses a significantly different licensing system compared to version 2.4. This document details the differences between the two methods and the processes that need to be followed prior to and during an upgrade from 2.4 to 2.5 or later.

2.4 licensing

Version 2.4 of Go Integrator uses a ten character serial number to generate a license key that is locally held on the PC. This license is only available to a single Windows account on a PC, which has the effect that multiple serial numbers are required if multiple users are sharing the same PC (with different local Windows accounts). It also means that a licensed user cannot use the software on another PC without purchasing another serial number.

2.5 or later Licensing

Version 2.5 or later of Go Integrator uses a different form of licensing. Firstly it uses an eight character serial number but, more significantly, there is no license key generated and stored on the local PC. Instead, the license is provided via Mondago's online licensing server. This has the effect of consuming a license by Broadworks user with the benefit that Go Integrator can be used from any PC and/or Windows user account as long as the Broadworks user originally used to consume the license is configured in Go Integrator.

Multiple Licenses

With 2.4 licensing, a serial number can contain a maximum of one license. With 2.5 or later, multiple licenses can be provided within a single serial number, meaning multiple users can use the same serial number at the same time. It should be noted that Lite and DB licenses are not provided within the same serial number. So if a single customer ordered five DB licenses and ten Lite licenses, two serial numbers would be provided.

What happens if the Mondago licensing server is off-line?

If for some reason the Mondago licensing server is not accessible then Go Integrator will continue to work (unless it is the first time a user is registering) i.e. it will temporarily work without needing to authenticate. Please note however, Go Integrator will periodically need to make a connection to the licensing to continue working. Go Integrator uses a HTTP / HTTPS connection to register and auttenticate against the licensing server.

How is a license re-allocated to another user?

If a customer needs to re-allocate a license (contained with a serial number) to another user then this can be done by completing the license removal form. The license removal form can be found here.

Please note, it can take up to 48 hours to release a license for use by another user.

Upgrading from version 2.4 to 2.5 or later

If a 2.4 users simply downloads and installs version 2.5 or later over the top of 2.4 then the new installation will cease to work. Before undertaking the update the user must first obtain a valid 2.5 or later license key which is entered in place of the old 2.4 license key once the update is completed. Please note the user is advised to install 2.5 or later WITHOUT first un-installing 2.4. This will avoid their current settings being lost. Please be aware that once a replacement 2.5 or later license key has been provided the 2.4 license key will no longer be valid and will cease to work.

Obtaining a 2.5 or later replacement license key

A 2.5 or later replacement license key can be obtained by completing and submitting the online form available from the "downloads" tab at http://gointegrator.com. The replacement license key(s) will be provided at no additional charge for customers subscribing to a valid Software Assurance / maintenance contract. Upgrade charges will apply for customers not currently subscribing to an valid contract. Although a customer can request the replacement licenses at a time that is convenient to them all licenses belonging to that single customer must be replaced within the same request.

For Service Providers with a large number of serial keys a custom process can be agreed to provide the replacement license keys.